Copyright & Licensing

Thanks to our partnerships with variety of network companies, we were able to obtain a copyright license called "Umbrella License". The Umbrella License covers a large variety of movies & tv shows under one copyright license which allows EarnyTV to broadcast those content materials to our subscribers. We are always negotiating prices, and exploring further partnerships and licensing options, for the beta period we have chose to purchase some content material with a flat fee which fits our current needs and budget. Once the platform launches officially and the native token $EARNY releases to the markets, we will follow our budget distribution and finalize our network deals to obtain the costly yet beneficial Umbrella copyright licenses.

What if the shows I like are not covered in the Umbrella agreement?

The good news are that EarnyTV is a DAO, and as any good DAO we do too have a DAO treasury bank which holders of $EARNY token get to choose how to spend. We will list our partners & all movies/shows available to be purchased at a flat fee. Holders get to create proposals to purchase certain content at the price they are offered to us by partnering networks, and if majority of the voters choose to move forward with the proposal EarnyTV will act on it!