Streaming The Future

The Past of Streaming

It's clear that the way users consume content changes on a daily basis. We watched how consumers slowly stopped using conventional TV for VOD services, and then moved to web2 internet-based streaming platforms instead. It didn't take long until providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, and others became the go-to place for consumers to watch movies & tv shows.

The Present of Streaming

Netflix was the first to be massively adopted, and that was an indicator for competitor companies that web2 streaming is the next big thing. Today we can apply the same logic to forecast the downfall of web2 streaming platforms, and the rise of a modern & better technology.
Fun Fact: Netflix's most profitable year was 2021, and brought in $29.698B in revenue.
Although 2021 was Netflix's most profitable year, a lot have changed since then. Consumers are leaving web2 streaming platforms, and It's not just Netflix every single provider is effected by the current shift.

Netflix Decline

In the last 12 months alone the Netflix stock crashed by 58.92%, because of negative quarterly reports and an increasing decline in active subscribers of their service. Investors, users, and even Netflix themselves understand that consumers are losing interest with this form of streaming service.

So why are consumers leaving?

Too many platforms that do the same, consumers get bored, it gets expensive to have multiple subscriptions, censored content, and the biggest factor is that consumers get absolutely nothing back from these companies. That's where Earny.TV steps in.

The Future of Streaming

The future of streaming is Earny.TV. We understand what consumers actually want and it's entertainment, convenience, and most importantly they want to be rewarded. Netflix made close to $30B in 2021 yet the consumers of the platform got nothing in return. Earny.TV solves that problem.

How's Earny.TV Solving This Issue?

We created the very first web3 decentralized platform, that's acting as a DAO and controlled by the holders of the $EARNY token. Consumers don't pay a subscription, they simply need to HODL $EARNY to qualify for one of our memberships.
Besides the platform being in a way free, viewers also get paid for watching content on Earny.TV. The unique use cases of EarnyTV don't stop there, EarnyTV offers utility NFTs such as Pixel, which allows its owners to post ads / sell ad space on the EarnyTV. Since the basic membership plan includes ads, we as a DAO are giving the rights to ads to our community as an additional way of earning. The Pixel NFTs are mintable with $EARNY tokens, and can be used to either upload ads or rent/sell the ad space to advertisers. 0x3D is another unique utility NFT collection of 50 pcs, that allows its owners access to uploading a film / series to Earny.TV.
It's just the tip of the ice berg, It's clear that Earny.TV is the upgraded version of web2 streaming platforms. The same way consumers migrated from VODs to Web2 platforms, they will migrate from Web2 to Web3. We're simply providing a better, affordable, and more interesting solution for them. Most importantly, we're early enough to become the go-to company for both consumers and companies looking to join. EarnyTV offers white labeling service which directly benefits the holders of the $EARNY token via token value, dividends, and other rewards.