$EARNY Token

Quick Info | Presale: September 12-14 (link) | Buy Tax: 1% / Sell Tax: 2%
$EARNY token is the native utility-coin of EarnyTV. It was created to help powering the platform and it's unique mechanism in a fully decentralized way. $EARNY is currently available on BSC, and via cross-chain bridging on ETH & MATIC (wrapped $EARNY). There are many benefits to holding $EARNY including:
  • Governance voting power (DAO)
  • Earn a portion of the platform's ad-revenue
  • Access unique NFTs such as Pixel NFTs & 0x3D
  • Membership access for simply holding $EARNY
  • Showcase your work as a film producer - and more!

$EARNY Contract Audit: